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Naposledy: 20.1.2022 23:19:41

Založen: 10.05.2020

Nachatoval: 1720.68 hodin

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Adresa profilu: https://xchat.cz/CarysDellaware2.0

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Don’t allow other people’s problems to become your own! Realize that the people who bully you, talk down to you, disrespect you, etc., have their own problems and they are not yours. Most people who are doing these things to you don’t know how to deal with their own issues so they do their best to cast their issues on to you by name calling and making you feel “lesser than.” It’s up to you to have the self-esteem and self-respect to recognize that. Remember this: good human beings are here to build you up, never break you down. Tough love is very important in life but people who intentionally try to break you down are usually the ones who are broken! Don’t let them break you.
Stay hard!
David Goggins

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